Do not call anyone bad ; Read these words and understand…!

Inevitable Love

2016-09-21-12-43-07-538People come and go. We Love and we forgive. We still love , and never forget.

Relationships come in many different forms and you will never have the same love with one partner as you have with the next. The good, the bad, the f***ing ugly.

In this life, we will have a lot of chances to mingle with different types of people and each of them is unique in their own way.We experience various moves to show how much we love them or how much we really care for them; actually what we feel for them. Sometimes , Love can be too familiar with us; however it will always be a different kind of love with each person we meet along the way.

Time and Effort are the two things you are desirous to give just to be with someone you love. If that person decides to leave you, try your best to win them back because there is always a possibility of second chance. Invest the whole of you and relight the old flame you have been taking care of. Eradicate WHAT IF, because you took your chance- no matter what the result is.

If it doesn’t happens to be in favor, then we need specific answers to our WHY’S , but it will never bring back the things we always desire for. Even if we are able to find out the reasons they left us, things will never be same. It is what it is. We need to deal and withstand the accompanying distress. Yes, its difficult to move on , various reasons, false hopes and clinging to memories, but eventually you don’t have any choice but to continue living. Yes, its like hell but you will have a choice to bounce back to life.



May Be…!

You think he’s what who makes your sky luminous

But Darling, Maybe he might not ;

You think he’s what makes the sun shine,

May be, he’s not;

May be , he’s what makes your Eyes salty and tear them apart;

May be , he’s what makes your wounds exude.


His thoughts in your head slash you apart,

And I know you love him;

But May be, he’s slaying you.

You are so Obsessed for him

I think you should stop thinking, imagining and wondering about him,

May be , your fidelity will work out for the best


Don’t get so locked about it

that you forget to enjoy your journey

May be, such ditachment can bless your life.

May be, you can’t make sense out of me now,

but there’s exactly you are meant to be.

May be, it’s the way the morning comes too soon or the nights lasts too long.


One day at a time-this is enough !


May be, I am wrong

But here, even you are  not right.

May be, this might be the lugubrious end;

It sounds bizarre

But it won’t ever be same again.


There was a time when Indian cinema / Hollywood movies as well depicted only two images of a women : the good one and the evil one. I am not talking about the evil one, but I need to talk about the other leading lady :

The damaged damsel in desolation who is dismally tethered to the wood of danger, and is meekly looking forward to extremely powerful (masculine) energy, to find her in the dense woods, cut the rope with his bare hands, save her, and wrap her in his hulk arms.


It’s the deep-eyed, heartbroken, self ruinous waif; who hates herself with the pious stubbornness and we watch, teary-eyed, as she rolls into excruciating whirl of obsession and self-exploited, until the earth smashing moment takes place, where a reliable male figure wondrously appears in her life, by absolute fate and instantly falls in love with her;saving her from the cell of herself.

It’s the same f*cking story in every movie .

But now, somehow the picture has changed. The leading lady , plays many different roles. Today’s women is independent. She doesn’t want any such masculine power to save her, but she herself is capable to fight for her.

Still, in many parts of this world, people do a pretty good job at pretending to love and appreciate such Independent women. It’s quite messed up. There are still many parents who does not teach and support their girl child to think of herself first, to support her to make her own money and live by herself. Some do; but when she comes up with that powerful image-they alienate her.

Why such girls are still not welcomed?

Why we still ask them to marry only a wealthy man, when she is self-sufficient/ plentiful?

I personally does not support feminism. but its about the equality of treating your every child , the same way. Because we all are human beings with same heart, mind and soul.

Why do we still push women to vilify their achievements?

After all, all the independent people, men-women / rich-poor , aren’t the ones who take easy way out. That’s why they are the great ground-breakers of the universe. Every other person have the capability to perform the same. Don’t confuse yourself with any kind of falsehood. We just need to water them and Let Them Bloom.

           ©2016 Mahak Khurana

Oops ! Too Much In Life ?

Few days back, just before the sunrise; I woke up and went for a walk. There I saw a father teaching his child to ride a bicycle. He tried; and fell off. He tried again ; and again fell off. He tried again and again, till he couldn’t ride it without felling off. Every time he fall, wounded him; left a scar on him. With each fall, wound gets deeper, but he still didn’t loose hope and put an extra effort each time; to learn, to experience, what he truly wants to. He got injured . He left scars on his body, may be for a lifetime; but he didn’t stopped. He struggled, and finally did it.

Today , I saw him enjoying a bicycle ride with his friends. That smile gave answers to all my questions. Those scars which people are ashamed off, they fear.., but that little boy finds beauty in those scars. I found him Living his Life.

I wondered, why I always mourned for the scars I got; for all the pains. We all have scars, inside-out, visible-invisible, broken hearts- broken bones, in any way. But we should not be ashamed of them, instead they are beautiful. Though life is so messed up, but every struggle of our life, left a scar on us; making us more stronger, more capable, more passionate and hence, much more beautiful. More the scars, more beautiful I am. Because, now I am a Survivor.

So, its only about our Perspective , our vision ; how we see our life, our scars? When i used to mourn for all my pains and struggles , I could not even smile. But when I found the real grace within it , I am happy enough to feel good. Time doesn’t heals everything, but it teaches us; making us a wonderful being. So don’t wait for the right time, make your present time right; because this world is a wonderful place, despite its tragedies. Have the belief in your existence !


Their phone-books had their contact numbers,

But still they were not in contact;

Those who used to talk even a shit everyday,

Now just don’t say “HI” to each other.

Yes, they still have their numbers,

Yes, they still have time,

But she didn’t called him

And He didn’t blocked her.

Now comes the time, where;

I miss you too..” she said,

And then he deleted the screenshot.

They might love each other,

But they don’t belong to each other;

Those who once believed to be together-forever..,

Even a bit of them is not in their present lives;

I wonder ” It’s Destiny” or something else?


You run-away..,

I was waiting for you

You didn’t come,

but run-away!

From every possibility,

From every hardship,

For every effort;

when there came a responsibility;

You run away !


Shattering my soul,

Breaking my heart;

Without apologizing for even a single mistake

Without having a guilt in your heart,

You run-away !

I gave you love,

I gave you time,

I build your trust,

I believed in you;

I told you that I was in pain,

But, You took me out of your sky

And Run-away !

I finally realize..,

You can’t force anyone to love you;

You can’t force it to be something;

You can’t force them to stay in your life ; It’s their choice

You can’t force them to make time for you; If they really want to, they will

You can’t force them to trust you ; it takes patience to build !

“There is always a wanting; There are some things in our life which we can’t get by force no matter what sense it makes. Still we expect, still we hope; but cowards run-away.”



Open The Doors..!

It’s like being trapped in a dark room, while life throws a party outside your door. ” Is all what I understand from the story of a girl with a good heart.

But girl you are not broken. You can love and be loved, even when you are drowning.There is always someone/something who will guide you how to breathe again.

I don’t say that being over someone means that you didn’t love them anymore. But it’s like you might not love them as before, but a part of oneself will always care for the other. You will always smile when someone mentions their name or you see a picture of them, even if it makes you feel a little bitter. You will always want to see them happy, though it makes you sad in the process.

So, it’s high time to decide.


“whether this is the life you wanted to live? In this dark room?” where no one could hear you, no one could see you.

“Is this the one you only loved? what about others?”

“Is this the best of yours?” Get up and prove how strong you are.

“Can’t you be more passionate and stronger?” 

Don’t waste even a single moment. Just decide!

There’s so much more in life, other than this. Indulge yourself in discovering the beauty of this life. Just live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t less beautiful. If you keep going back to the past with the same people, who are not there in your life anymore, you will be stuck here only, in this dark room. Leave all the bad things there only and Open the Doors; walk outside. Learn to let go.Forgive and Forget

And now,

that girl with a good heart has now begin to breathe. She decided ; She’s confident; She wants to live. She fell in love again, not with someone, but with her life. She found her passion and everything seemed to be inspiring.

But man, let me tell you :

” You Lost her”

Now, she brightens up the life of her new lover. He recognized her to be the Moon (light) of his sky (life). So for now, you envy him. Because, You were always busy in chasing the dimly lit stars, though the moon was first yours.

That Sinking Feeling


Sometimes, we just fall in love either with someone for all the wrong reasons or with the wrong person. And we still love them after all the hurt/pain they have caused . Knowingly , we should not love them, still we do and may be we always will. A part of us will always crave for them, not as before, but it will. No matter how much you die inside. Love never dies, Relationship do. But what about the pain they have caused?

Here’s an untold story of a girl with a good heart :

” That sinking feeling, which is not letting me to get over you. I spend so much time thinking only about you , about us. What I ever knew was Love is my every emotion for you; giving all of me to all of you; putting the other person’s need ahead of your own. Still it is as simple and as complex as we make it.

I have learnt that there is this one person you will never get over, no matter how long it’s been. That bad breakup , that heartbreak leaves a stain in my heart. No one could ever understand the blackness, hopelessness. lethargy and loneliness I am going through. I tried everything possible to get over that person, but still after months or may be even years , I may find myself giving that person though. That pain has permanently built a space in my heart.

Tears silently streamed down my face. I just saw you raising your hands to wipe my tears. I looked at you , although I did not wanted to. But,I always knew that there will always be a sadness when it comes to you because you will always be the one I wanted to be with , but fate will never destine that for us. And this time, it’s not fate, but it’s you my love, who chose someone else over my love.

All the hopes and dreams are lost in the reality, just like tears in the rain. I am all broken and I forgot how to breathe again. I gave you all of me…! Why did it have to end this way? Those special memories were fuel on the fire. I wake up with it; I go to bed with it. Sitting with me in my morning coffee; Vibrating behind my eyelids while I am sitting at work trying not to cry. Tapping on my brain every time I try to open a book to get away from it, just for a second.

It changed my perspective to look at the world. It oozes into the moments that I try to cherish with my friends and family ,and reminds me of that; Happiness is not something that belongs to my life right now. I’m always mourning the loss of what could have been and also for the fact that I once believed ,that I found My Man. But everything just evaporated. That sinking feeling has drowned me. I Scream , I Fear ! And no one could ever understand what it’s like ..”


To be continued…

Struggling through Life … It’s Complicated


Some are still in the race , others have already quit and the rest have these words :

” Give me another life , May be in some other life… I will !”.

Have you ever wondered what is life all about ?

Eat , sleep , work , repeat !

NO , it’s actually your day to day schedule.

Then what?

It’s about LOVE , LIVE & LAUGH . Live each day to the fullest. Don’t sit behind thinking about your past, good or bad , because your past is just an experience that makes you even more stronger. It gets you prepared for the continuous battle of life. Love everyone, Love the one who gave you life; Love the one who shared their lives with you; Love the ones you gave life too;and also to the ones who curse you , because it is always possible. Laugh , because it’s so much fun. It’s truly good for your soul. Enjoy the life you have been given.

Your life is all about your never ending battle with yourself. If you call it a Struggle , Let it be. It is termed to be a never ending struggle, because you are never satisfied with the life you live and the love and happiness you get. Our never ending desires and expectations makes it even more complicated. Some struggle hard to achieve it , others just quit and the rest wish for another life. And the winners are those who has the serenity to accept the things one cannot change , the courage to change the things one can and wisdom to know the difference.

So often, we just exist-,for the next purpose, for the next thrill , for the next whatever. Its only in the consciousness of sharing and growing that we can find energy and purpose to experience what it means to truly live. You just have to silence the mind and let your soul speak , else it gets complicated.

You yourself are the master of your life in every area. you will no longer have to settle for a life that is less than what you know you deserve

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