I have just started my journey. My journey of my Dreams, my journey of true happiness, my journey of passion and my journey of true love. It’s been years i have been working upon myself. But now I found Writing to be the Stairway to my Dreams. At the moment, I am enjoying while penning down the thoughts mingling in my mind.

With each passing day, i am stepping above this stairway, might not according to this actual world, but in my inner true self. And its rejuvenating my soul like other people gets through yoga, meditation etc. I don’t need to jump at a certain level directly, rather I want to enjoy each and every step of the stairway to my dreams.

A big Inspiration and motivation through many of the people around is acting as a catalyst to the chemical reaction of my life. Atoms within me are re-arranging and forming new bonds. No new atoms are created and no atoms are destroyed. Life’s purpose is keeping life alive; and I have found the stairway to keep it alive.

At last, Thanks to The Daily Post for guiding me with one step above the stairway.