Some are still in the race , others have already quit and the rest have these words :

” Give me another life , May be in some other life… I will !”.

Have you ever wondered what is life all about ?

Eat , sleep , work , repeat !

NO , it’s actually your day to day schedule.

Then what?

It’s about LOVE , LIVE & LAUGH . Live each day to the fullest. Don’t sit behind thinking about your past, good or bad , because your past is just an experience that makes you even more stronger. It gets you prepared for the continuous battle of life. Love everyone, Love the one who gave you life; Love the one who shared their lives with you; Love the ones you gave life too;and also to the ones who curse you , because it is always possible. Laugh , because it’s so much fun. It’s truly good for your soul. Enjoy the life you have been given.

Your life is all about your never ending battle with yourself. If you call it a Struggle , Let it be. It is termed to be a never ending struggle, because you are never satisfied with the life you live and the love and happiness you get. Our never ending desires and expectations makes it even more complicated. Some struggle hard to achieve it , others just quit and the rest wish for another life. And the winners are those who has the serenity to accept the things one cannot change , the courage to change the things one can and wisdom to know the difference.

So often, we just exist-,for the next purpose, for the next thrill , for the next whatever. Its only in the consciousness of sharing and growing that we can find energy and purpose to experience what it means to truly live. You just have to silence the mind and let your soul speak , else it gets complicated.

You yourself are the master of your life in every area. you will no longer have to settle for a life that is less than what you know you deserve