Sometimes, we just fall in love either with someone for all the wrong reasons or with the wrong person. And we still love them after all the hurt/pain they have caused . Knowingly , we should not love them, still we do and may be we always will. A part of us will always crave for them, not as before, but it will. No matter how much you die inside. Love never dies, Relationship do. But what about the pain they have caused?

Here’s an untold story of a girl with a good heart :

” That sinking feeling, which is not letting me to get over you. I spend so much time thinking only about you , about us. What I ever knew was Love is my every emotion for you; giving all of me to all of you; putting the other person’s need ahead of your own. Still it is as simple and as complex as we make it.

I have learnt that there is this one person you will never get over, no matter how long it’s been. That bad breakup , that heartbreak leaves a stain in my heart. No one could ever understand the blackness, hopelessness. lethargy and loneliness I am going through. I tried everything possible to get over that person, but still after months or may be even years , I may find myself giving that person though. That pain has permanently built a space in my heart.

Tears silently streamed down my face. I just saw you raising your hands to wipe my tears. I looked at you , although I did not wanted to. But,I always knew that there will always be a sadness when it comes to you because you will always be the one I wanted to be with , but fate will never destine that for us. And this time, it’s not fate, but it’s you my love, who chose someone else over my love.

All the hopes and dreams are lost in the reality, just like tears in the rain. I am all broken and I forgot how to breathe again. I gave you all of me…! Why did it have to end this way? Those special memories were fuel on the fire. I wake up with it; I go to bed with it. Sitting with me in my morning coffee; Vibrating behind my eyelids while I am sitting at work trying not to cry. Tapping on my brain every time I try to open a book to get away from it, just for a second.

It changed my perspective to look at the world. It oozes into the moments that I try to cherish with my friends and family ,and reminds me of that; Happiness is not something that belongs to my life right now. I’m always mourning the loss of what could have been and also for the fact that I once believed ,that I found My Man. But everything just evaporated. That sinking feeling has drowned me. I Scream , I Fear ! And no one could ever understand what it’s like ..”


To be continued…