It’s like being trapped in a dark room, while life throws a party outside your door. ” Is all what I understand from the story of a girl with a good heart.

But girl you are not broken. You can love and be loved, even when you are drowning.There is always someone/something who will guide you how to breathe again.

I don’t say that being over someone means that you didn’t love them anymore. But it’s like you might not love them as before, but a part of oneself will always care for the other. You will always smile when someone mentions their name or you see a picture of them, even if it makes you feel a little bitter. You will always want to see them happy, though it makes you sad in the process.

So, it’s high time to decide.


“whether this is the life you wanted to live? In this dark room?” where no one could hear you, no one could see you.

“Is this the one you only loved? what about others?”

“Is this the best of yours?” Get up and prove how strong you are.

“Can’t you be more passionate and stronger?” 

Don’t waste even a single moment. Just decide!

There’s so much more in life, other than this. Indulge yourself in discovering the beauty of this life. Just live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t less beautiful. If you keep going back to the past with the same people, who are not there in your life anymore, you will be stuck here only, in this dark room. Leave all the bad things there only and Open the Doors; walk outside. Learn to let go.Forgive and Forget

And now,

that girl with a good heart has now begin to breathe. She decided ; She’s confident; She wants to live. She fell in love again, not with someone, but with her life. She found her passion and everything seemed to be inspiring.

But man, let me tell you :

” You Lost her”

Now, she brightens up the life of her new lover. He recognized her to be the Moon (light) of his sky (life). So for now, you envy him. Because, You were always busy in chasing the dimly lit stars, though the moon was first yours.