You run-away..,

I was waiting for you

You didn’t come,

but run-away!

From every possibility,

From every hardship,

For every effort;

when there came a responsibility;

You run away !


Shattering my soul,

Breaking my heart;

Without apologizing for even a single mistake

Without having a guilt in your heart,

You run-away !

I gave you love,

I gave you time,

I build your trust,

I believed in you;

I told you that I was in pain,

But, You took me out of your sky

And Run-away !

I finally realize..,

You can’t force anyone to love you;

You can’t force it to be something;

You can’t force them to stay in your life ; It’s their choice

You can’t force them to make time for you; If they really want to, they will

You can’t force them to trust you ; it takes patience to build !

“There is always a wanting; There are some things in our life which we can’t get by force no matter what sense it makes. Still we expect, still we hope; but cowards run-away.”