Few days back, just before the sunrise; I woke up and went for a walk. There I saw a father teaching his child to ride a bicycle. He tried; and fell off. He tried again ; and again fell off. He tried again and again, till he couldn’t ride it without felling off. Every time he fall, wounded him; left a scar on him. With each fall, wound gets deeper, but he still didn’t loose hope and put an extra effort each time; to learn, to experience, what he truly wants to. He got injured . He left scars on his body, may be for a lifetime; but he didn’t stopped. He struggled, and finally did it.

Today , I saw him enjoying a bicycle ride with his friends. That smile gave answers to all my questions. Those scars which people are ashamed off, they fear.., but that little boy finds beauty in those scars. I found him Living his Life.

I wondered, why I always mourned for the scars I got; for all the pains. We all have scars, inside-out, visible-invisible, broken hearts- broken bones, in any way. But we should not be ashamed of them, instead they are beautiful. Though life is so messed up, but every struggle of our life, left a scar on us; making us more stronger, more capable, more passionate and hence, much more beautiful. More the scars, more beautiful I am. Because, now I am a Survivor.

So, its only about our Perspective , our vision ; how we see our life, our scars? When i used to mourn for all my pains and struggles , I could not even smile. But when I found the real grace within it , I am happy enough to feel good. Time doesn’t heals everything, but it teaches us; making us a wonderful being. So don’t wait for the right time, make your present time right; because this world is a wonderful place, despite its tragedies. Have the belief in your existence !