There was a time when Indian cinema / Hollywood movies as well depicted only two images of a women : the good one and the evil one. I am not talking about the evil one, but I need to talk about the other leading lady :

The damaged damsel in desolation who is dismally tethered to the wood of danger, and is meekly looking forward to extremely powerful (masculine) energy, to find her in the dense woods, cut the rope with his bare hands, save her, and wrap her in his hulk arms.


It’s the deep-eyed, heartbroken, self ruinous waif; who hates herself with the pious stubbornness and we watch, teary-eyed, as she rolls into excruciating whirl of obsession and self-exploited, until the earth smashing moment takes place, where a reliable male figure wondrously appears in her life, by absolute fate and instantly falls in love with her;saving her from the cell of herself.

It’s the same f*cking story in every movie .

But now, somehow the picture has changed. The leading lady , plays many different roles. Today’s women is independent. She doesn’t want any such masculine power to save her, but she herself is capable to fight for her.

Still, in many parts of this world, people do a pretty good job at pretending to love and appreciate such Independent women. It’s quite messed up. There are still many parents who does not teach and support their girl child to think of herself first, to support her to make her own money and live by herself. Some do; but when she comes up with that powerful image-they alienate her.

Why such girls are still not welcomed?

Why we still ask them to marry only a wealthy man, when she is self-sufficient/ plentiful?

I personally does not support feminism. but its about the equality of treating your every child , the same way. Because we all are human beings with same heart, mind and soul.

Why do we still push women to vilify their achievements?

After all, all the independent people, men-women / rich-poor , aren’t the ones who take easy way out. That’s why they are the great ground-breakers of the universe. Every other person have the capability to perform the same. Don’t confuse yourself with any kind of falsehood. We just need to water them and Let Them Bloom.

           ©2016 Mahak Khurana