You think he’s what who makes your sky luminous

But Darling, Maybe he might not ;

You think he’s what makes the sun shine,

May be, he’s not;

May be , he’s what makes your Eyes salty and tear them apart;

May be , he’s what makes your wounds exude.


His thoughts in your head slash you apart,

And I know you love him;

But May be, he’s slaying you.

You are so Obsessed for him

I think you should stop thinking, imagining and wondering about him,

May be , your fidelity will work out for the best


Don’t get so locked about it

that you forget to enjoy your journey

May be, such ditachment can bless your life.

May be, you can’t make sense out of me now,

but there’s exactly you are meant to be.

May be, it’s the way the morning comes too soon or the nights lasts too long.


One day at a time-this is enough !


May be, I am wrong

But here, even you are  not right.

May be, this might be the lugubrious end;

It sounds bizarre

But it won’t ever be same again.