2016-09-21-12-43-07-538People come and go. We Love and we forgive. We still love , and never forget.

Relationships come in many different forms and you will never have the same love with one partner as you have with the next. The good, the bad, the f***ing ugly.

In this life, we will have a lot of chances to mingle with different types of people and each of them is unique in their own way.We experience various moves to show how much we love them or how much we really care for them; actually what we feel for them. Sometimes , Love can be too familiar with us; however it will always be a different kind of love with each person we meet along the way.

Time and Effort are the two things you are desirous to give just to be with someone you love. If that person decides to leave you, try your best to win them back because there is always a possibility of second chance. Invest the whole of you and relight the old flame you have been taking care of. Eradicate WHAT IF, because you took your chance- no matter what the result is.

If it doesn’t happens to be in favor, then we need specific answers to our WHY’S , but it will never bring back the things we always desire for. Even if we are able to find out the reasons they left us, things will never be same. It is what it is. We need to deal and withstand the accompanying distress. Yes, its difficult to move on , various reasons, false hopes and clinging to memories, but eventually you don’t have any choice but to continue living. Yes, its like hell but you will have a choice to bounce back to life.