Do not call anyone bad ; Read these words and understand…!

I’m A Worrier Too


You are not alone. I’m a worrier too.

Usually, I even worry when I am not worried. We are not just worried about one thing, but about all sorts of everyday things. Just as , If one of our family member is late from his/her work by 30-40 minutes, In the first 10 minutes our immediate thought is that it might be due to bad traffic. But in the next 30 minutes our thoughts might reach to something like car crash / robbery etc..

Thinking so, is actually not logical and we might know it. We might know that there might be some other small stupid reason for his/her delay. But still we bound our-self with worry. The moment that person reaches home safely, we thank god and switch to another reason to worry about. That worry may be regarding the next everyday thing , or some future plans.

Parents are worried about the future of their children; Children are worried about their career. Poor people are worried to earn their next meal; millionaires are worried about their money. Women are worried about their interpersonal relationships; Men are worried about giving their family a good lifestyle. So everyone here is a worrier.

Actually, we all have a Tom-n-Jerry relationship with worry. And that’s called Love-Hate relationship.

Hate –  Just because it makes us feel sick and tensed. It steals our joy and keeps us busy   doing nothing.

 Love – Sometimes, worrying is actually good for us. Worrying can be helpful when it spurs you to take action and solve a problem. But if you are preoccupied with worst case scenarios of “what ifs”, worry becomes a problem.

Don’t confuse worry with anxiety. Anxiety is actually a state of unease that might also include worry. Anxiety is worrying too much about everyday things, Large and Small.It’s okay to get worried, but it’s not okay to end the road ,thereby falling into anxiety/ depression. Worrying is a state of mind. We always say ” don’t worry “, but we do.

It is said “Worrying is not a solution to any problem” . But I say , It might lead to a solution if you take it positively. Be patient with yourself. You can train your brain to stay calm and look at life from a more positive perspective. Learn to embrace your feelings. We all have emotions that sometimes makes our life messy. They don’t always make sense and they are not always pleasant. But as you grow up your mind and accept it as a part of being human, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage. because life is all about fighting these ” what ifs”. So just breathe in, and breathe out, because Life goes on.






There is no blessing like you Mother,
A person like you is no other .
You are the one who has put joy in all our days,
Has touched our life in lovely ways.
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Mantra – “Everything is Figureoutable”

Really? Is that true? But how?

The moment I read this quote i was like ” Rolled my eyes, took a pause for about 30 seconds and moved on “. Within an hour , i started thinking about it. Does that really mean ” Nothing is Impossible”? I wonder. Within few seconds i realized “yes”. Actually, if we let our desires and intuitions guide us then yes ” Everything is Figureoutable“.

Each and every one of us have something that we really wanted to do with our lives. But we all have some kind of fear / lack of confidence that how will we make it possible? So we haven’t done it , just because we can’t figure out ” How will I make it work ?”. This “how” prevents us from doing it. It’s like a barrier or a roadblock. As I am new as a blogger, I do faced the same question.

“How will I create a blog without any knowledge / experience ?”

The answer was ” I will figure it out”. This single hope, led me further to my dreams. But I don’t have to waste time in thinking about it. I just have to give it a start. I just have to be fearless about ” What if it didn’t work?” I must carry a confidence within myself to do it. I know i have the potential and i can do it. If not, then also i must give it a try , because i don’t want to say ” I wish I could” in future. This one single hope changed my life.

Never hold back just because of your fears. Don’t doubt on your capabilities and never give up. Let it be your Mantra and proceed in the direction of your desires and dreams. Just start and don’t stop.

During the way, you may get through dark forest, sleepless nights, everything may seem to be going in the opposite direction. But do not get uneasy. Just say it to yourself ” I can figure it out “. give an effort and proceed. If anyone can do it, you can do it too. One should never lose Hope. There may be many people pulling us back , but there are few who are always our support system, inspire us, motivate us, help us out in every possible way. Just get the positive out of everything, leave the anxiety behind and go for it. Because ,

“Everything is figureoutable”

You just need to have patience to achieve it, fearless to face everything and confidence to reach the goal. You have the abilities ; you just have to work upon. Your hardwork will pay off. One single Hope will change your life.



Stairway To My Dreams


I have just started my journey. My journey of my Dreams, my journey of true happiness, my journey of passion and my journey of true love. It’s been years i have been working upon myself. But now I found Writing to be the Stairway to my Dreams. At the moment, I am enjoying while penning down the thoughts mingling in my mind.

With each passing day, i am stepping above this stairway, might not according to this actual world, but in my inner true self. And its rejuvenating my soul like other people gets through yoga, meditation etc. I don’t need to jump at a certain level directly, rather I want to enjoy each and every step of the stairway to my dreams.

A big Inspiration and motivation through many of the people around is acting as a catalyst to the chemical reaction of my life. Atoms within me are re-arranging and forming new bonds. No new atoms are created and no atoms are destroyed. Life’s purpose is keeping life alive; and I have found the stairway to keep it alive.

At last, Thanks to The Daily Post for guiding me with one step above the stairway.


Activate Your Limitless Potential

” What is it that is bothering me? Why everything seems to be so negative around me? Why i can’t share what i am feeling inside. All the stress , all the pain , all that is inside me is drowning me. Why i always need someone beside me? Why i can’t stand out alone . Why i can’t speak out loud, that it’s killing me inside. My eyes have become too heavy to see anything.Why a bit of guilt is tumbling inside me. I wasn’t wrong yesterday . Even i am not wrong today. ” It might be a story of every smiling face, and it might be yours story too.

In all the things, there is “Healing“. Broken hearts , broken lives, there is no way around them. But remember, you don’t have to live broken . You can’t live broken. If you are broken today, you cannot be same for the entire life. Who knows how many years, days,hours, minutes and seconds are still left . May be broken is all you have ever known, but there is Healing. Have some patience, and trust the creator of your life to adjoin all your broken pieces, clean up all your wounds and bring you back to what it is called LIFE.

Many-a-times, after we experience painful and stressful situations in our lives , we shall realize that we should get ahead them in our minds first and all this will take some time. It is a very challenging time for anyone. During all this time, if we work on ourselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically  we will actually realize that we are made better just because of everything we have gone through. Our life doesn’t stop just because of these barriers laid in our journey of life.

True saying – “See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” ~Dalai Lama

It has never been easy to cope with the pain. But never let these times break you. Be strengthened by what you have lost and allow yourself to gain from these experiences.Self love is Self healing; shine your light from within and watch it eliminate all the darkness. We must look at the bigger picture and admire the magic that is all around us and within each and everyone of us.


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